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Enhance Your Customer Data with Impact Audience Insights

Get data-driven insights into the causes your customers support so you can partner and activate with the nonprofits that will best resonate with your customers.

Build Customer Loyalty

Create deeper, long-term relationships with your customers based on data-driven value-alignment.

Power Business Growth

Leverage customer data, audience segmentation, and cause alignment to drive your bottom-line.

Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Transform the way your business operates and make more informed marketing decisions with personalized data.

Empowering top brands to grow through impact

Partner Logos

Create Partnerships that Drive Impact and Business Growth

The Impact Graph isn't just another data tool; it's a catalyst for change that transforms the way businesses operate. Directing you towards the causes that align seamlessly with your customer base, the Impact Graph will empower you to make more informed marketing decisions using your own customer data.

Cause Alignment and Partnerships

Identify the causes that best align with your customer base to drive scalable impact and business growth by leveraging our Impact Graph's 100's of millions of nonprofit data points and ImpactAI algorithms.

Matching with NPO - Condensed
Customer Segmentation - Condensed

Segment your customers based on cause affinity and donation behavior

Boost customer retention with tailored experiences based on insights into your customers' specific cause affinity by any segment (e.g. loyalty members versus non-loyalty members, AOV or specific product categories).

Create hyper-targeted prospecting campaigns with cause affinity audiences

Create higher-converting paid media campaigns by targeting distinct donor audiences based on causes they've previously supported.

Prospecting - Condensed

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