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Cause Marketing is No Longer Optional

The new generation of consumers are demanding that brands have a social impact strategy in place.

  • 64% of consumers avoid brands that don’t take a stance on social issues.
  • 71% of millennials will pay more if some of the profits will go to charity.
  • Giving back has shown to increase customer LTV by 23%.

Your Brand Can Create Impact

Have a positive impact on your business while creating massive social impact in the world around us.


Join our Giving Economy network
of purpose-driven retailers

Raise Awareness for Causes

Support and raise awareness
for causes of all sizes

Retain Loyal Customers

Retain loyal customers through
cause marketing

A New Generation of Consumers

A New Generation of Consumers

81% of Millennials expect companies that they purchase from to make charitable donation.

It is no longer enough to just offer great products— consumers will continue to choose purpose-driven brands that align with their values.

Transparent Giving Process

The world is unpredictable, but as new causes arise such as the COVID-19 pandemic, ShoppingGives can help you transparently support the causes that our communities need most.

Transparent Giving Process by ShoppingGives
Increase Customer Lifetime Value with ShoppingGives

It’s More Than Just Giving

In the end, we’re more than just a donation solution. Through ShoppingGives, you can create more authentic relationships and increase customer LTV one transaction at a time.

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"The customer has the ability to choose the organization that she’s passionate about, it’s easy, it’s just so simple, it’s seamless. Customers that shop and choose to donate on their first purchase come back 7 days sooner than any other shopper."
Susan White Morrissey
Susan White Morrissey, CEO and Founder of White + Warren

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